Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Pictures 2012

Merry Christmas Wallpapers - 1

Merry Christmas 2012 greetings will fill the air as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ will be celebrated with much pomp on December 25th like every other year. This day is a public holiday in most countries across the globe. 

The celebrations have surpassed religious boundaries and have taken a social and commercial significance. As per history, the day is believed to commemorate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, popularly known as Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. 

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Although the actual date of birth of Christ is a debatable matter, this date has been long established as an accepted norm. As far as religious celebrations are concerned, the rituals begin on the eve of December 24 with “Christ’s Mass” – a special prayer hosted by churches attended by all devout Christians.

 Parades and processions with religious themes can also be spotted in some countries. On a secular note Christmas marks the beginning of seasonal festivities that continue till the advent of a New Year. On a commercial note, this period sees an all-time high in cash registers of retailers as the festive spirit spurs up the spending spree.

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 This is furthered by the custom of giving gifts to family and friends during this time following the footsteps of Santa Claus or Father Christmas. Talking about Merry Christmas 2012 remains incomplete if the feasting, gifting and decorating are not mentioned.

 Special mention should also be made of Christmas Carols that ring the air with festive tunes. Houses and streets are decorated with lights and decorative ornaments, dressed up Christmas trees adorn most homes, chocolates and candies overflow from pantries, and festive meals spice up dinner table. 

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The most unique feature of Christmas is that it has been accepted as a social celebration even by people who do not practice Christianity. For some countries this has happened as an after effect of Colonial Rule sometime in the history of the said country. For others, this occurred due to influence of Western culture.

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